Design, QA and Environmental System Management

ODS Track makes gathering, review, follow-up, emailing, analysis, compilation and submission of documents for certification easy.

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How it works

1. Start with a Template

Start with a pre-configured template or make your own. We have many pre-configured templates for popular certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, Green Mark, DGNB, WELL and more.

2. Invite Project Team

Once you've tweaked your template for your particular project then you invite project Members in under one or more Disciplines.

3. Upload documents

Each team member gets a concise list of only their document upload requirements in the "My Documents" page and upload documents directly. Simple.

4. Compile documents

Once all documents are uploaded then the documents can be compiled into any output format ready for submission to any authority. Or even kept for internal reporting and records.


Automated Emailing

ODS Track automatically issues email-notifications to only the relevant project team members. Reducing email noise and increasing effectiveness.


All data is transferred using top industry standard encryption. It's more secure than many email and server systems.

Data Redundancy

Data is backed up in multiple physical locations with 100% redundancy.

QA Compliance

No more emailing and filing away multiple versions of Excel spreasheets, reports, emails and attachments in multiple complicated directory structures and Outlook folders. ISO-9001 compliance is improved.

Team Management

Multi-layer approval system allows tracking and management of documents from sub-contractor level through contractors to final approval.

Real-time Reporting

Increased transparency and detailed real-time reporting allows you to know the exact status of your project. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

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Project Team Members

If you have recieved an invitation email then all you have to do is create an account and login to start uploading documents for your project.

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Project Administrators

Want to use ODS Track on your project or trial it? Contact us and we'll set you with an account so that you and your colleagues can start right away.

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